Jun 12, 2021

I have no idea why we fall from one adventure into another one.

Pieter has told me before that he wanted to move to a smaller house. 

The house is big as it is and on top of that we have a basement under the whole house and garage with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area and a toilet. 

So he told me about a year ago that we should move. It came so out of the blue and I was devastated and started crying.

This has been the first house where I really felt a connection with and felt at home right away. 

But …. A seed was planted!

My friend’s grandmother died and her house came for sale. That place I could see myself live in.

So we looked at the house and it would have been a lot of renovation.
We are not in the phase of our lives to renovate a house. 

And then again it started me thinking. 

I came to the conclusion that I did not want to leave the area as well. 

And the houses for sale in this area does not grow on trees!

Suddenly it struck me! There is a house for sale in this area! That I did not think about it before is astonishing. We called the people who lived there to have a proper look at the house and the same evening we decided to take the plunge and buy the house.

The house is in the same village as we live now. I think it is 750 meter from our old house. 

Everything went like a rollercoaster. Very much mixed feelings. 

During packing I cried several times and did not want to leave. I really thought: “What have I done?”

Packing is not my forte either so it did not go easy. Something must be really wrong with me! As you might have read in my procrastination blog (you can read about the birds there too) I really do not know how to organise and have not found the right App for it either. You must know I love Apps!

When the photographer was scheduled I had panic attacks, because Pieter wanted it spotless and I do not coop with spotless very well. 

Then my best friend called me up and I showed her the basement and was kind of proud of my “achievement”. She gave some good advise: “It is important to have the floor spotless so aim for that. Put everything in crates and store it away until the house is sold and then you can organise. Throw things away etc.”  Well, that was exactly what I needed and I was done in no-time! Sometimes you get so overwhelmed and do not no where to start.

The move itself went kind of smoothly (you forget a lot about it once you are settled).

We see to challenges differently Pieter and I. 

Once the house was sold I am already with one leg in the new house, while Pieter is not thinking about the new house at all.  In one day all the big furniture was in place. We could sleep, watch TV on our couch and that is all you basically need, right? 

What is to say about a move? It is stressful and is a strain on a marriage and now a half year later I am very content to live in the new house with Pieter!. It really starts to grow on me. 

Of course I had a hard time leaving the house for the last time. I went through all the rooms and thanked the house for those 17 years I have lived there.  Cried my eyes out and it is fine now. 

Actually, I would not want be somewhere else at this moment!

We made the right decision even though it was hard in the beginning. 

Till next time



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