Nov 11, 2020

SEWING |Sewing Christmas present and bought myself a present

Last friday I went with my daughter to “the big city” to do some shoppings.

I needed some fabric because this week we are sending a box to our daughter in the USA.

We know that she likes PJ trousers so some where made during the weekend. I got the free PDF pattern from this website. 

Another website where I buy a lot of my PDF patters is PattyDoo. Here patterns are easy to follow and she makes video’s from almost every pattern. 

Pattern bags to keep the pattern in place
Sewing PJ pants

I love my serger but the marking on it are not easy to have as a guideline so I put on a piece of tape as a guideline to sew.

A serger makes sewing look so easy and it is!!

More projects are in the making.
A have a dress to make for my sister in law and find out yesterday that I have not enough fabric. I had a bit of a panic attack yesterday and once that settled I, of course, had a solution. 

Just buy some black fabric to go with it. That is on my list today. Have to order it from the internet though. 

Yesterday evening I took apart a tunic that I am going to use as a template. A dear friend mine who is not able to sew herself at the moment wants to have one and I volunteered. I get to use her sewing machine as well and that is very kind of her. You see, I have a lot to do this week. 

And I bought myself a present. 

I already had a glass water bottle from this brand and it got smashed. 

Fell out of my bag the other day. I really love this and now they had tea tablet and a thermos bottle. You understand that I had to have it! The order came in on Friday too. 

So happy with it! You can find all their products here.

A serger makes sewing so much easier
A very nice product to have something else then water.




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