Procrastination is a strange thing and it really is my middle name!

I might have mentioned that I have done a DISC profile with Take Flight Learning and that I am a certified trainer.

My profile says that I am a procrastinator and I really, really want to fix that. 

Why? Well, sometimes it might help to procrastinate because I am good with deadlines.

So if my work is far, far away, I will put it forward until I’ll reach my deadline and then I am all fire and go, go, go. 

Things that do not have a deadline will not be done and that is how you get a lot of projects on your plate. 

I do not “suffer” as much at work with my procrastination, it is more in my own time that I get into problems. 

So in my DISC profile from Take Flight Learning we talk about Birds rather than about the letters in DISC.

I am a strong parrot and my 



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