I do have a lot to talk about! We had some excited days. Tuesday we got a telephone call that a fellow beekeeper had a swarm from one of her other beehives and that I could contact her to pick them up. We were not really ready for it but nevertheless I gave her a call and made an appointment to pick them up the following evening. Deadline sett!

We worked very hard to make it possible for the bees to come home to us and we made it. An hour before we should leave I texted her that we could make it and that was no problem. I had ordered a jacket and it came in the following day, luckily I could borrow one of hers.

So with the hive installed in the garden like this we were confident that we could do this. The beehives that she is using where a bit bigger then ours. For every hitch there is another solutions and we are good at that. Always a second plan. We took the hives home and we thought that if we placed our hive about the other bigger hive the bees would move up. That was her theory as well. Although her husband said that we would have problems with shaking them into the new hive. Well, we thought that the bees had enough excitement for today and left them in peace. The following day (Wednesday) I had to work so I went to have a look and nothing had happened. That is not totally true, they moved up like 1 mm! Back from work I decided to look for Queen bee and have here shaken into her new home. I lifted up the second frame and their she was! OMG, I was so excited and hubby was filming and did not have a beekeepers jacket so he could come close by. Definitely going to buy him one (and a filming workshop).

Well, queen bee located and ready to be shaken in! That part went easy peasy and I am the kind of woman that goes with the flow so here goes nothing. Most of the bees stayed in the hive and some did not and got all over me. Hubs said that I had a real cluster of bees on my back. Did not even notice that!

In the end all went well. The bees where all in at night and it was interesting to see that some bee from inside the hive came out and had their little beehinds in the air to let the others now that this is their new home now. It was such an experience and now that everything is under control I feel a bit empty and restless after so much excitement. No lack of hobbies and I will fill up my time with something else. Still a lot of projects in my head and in the drawers! In the film below a little compilation about that day. I have planned to take a picture of the beehive through my peek windows to see how fast they are building and I will try to post them every week.

Till next time



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