Installed Dead eye on the Kurr

Jul 10, 2020

Life | The boat, the garden, the bees.


The making of dead eyes

You must be wandering if there is something other then the bees going on in our lives. I have to say it is a bit much lately.  I do not know where to start. 

First our “big” sailing boat (Kurr) is now in the water.. She was taking in a lot of water. Much more then we anticipated. On top of that the pump stopped and the motor was under water so Pieter was very busy with cleaning the mess up. He did an excellent job because the motor is now running better then ever. 

We also knew that we had to change the rigg again. 

So we ordered new rope (hempex) for the sails and the old rope (tarred hampa) we have now used for the rigg and that in return resulted in making Dead-eyes. We are so happy about the result! It just fits the boat perfectly. In stead of going modern we are going back in the day, I guess. We had to move the boat a couple of times to make the adjustments to the masts and riggs and I have sailed her into the box two times myself and pretty proud about it! A boost to my confidence, and boy do I need that! I do want to be able to go out with her myself. That is my ultimate goal. Not an easy task with a sailor as a husband. The plan was to sail this week, but P has to work, he will be back next week and hopefully we can take her out then. 

While I am making this blog my daughter comes in with a blackberry bush from my mom and had to be planted right away! It is now in the ground and happy. Took a while to figure out the right place and that place is also a project I started with my friend Emma. Emma was here the other they and said that the old chicken coop would be perfect for vegetables, because it has a fence and keeps the animals out. I am always enthusiastic about new plans so I went for it. Last Tuesday she was here because she wanted help with her computer and while the computer was doing it’s thing we started with de-weeding the chicken coop and I made a border. In the border I emptied one of my Bokashi bucket so in two weeks time I can start planting. 

Waterintake on the Kurr
Planting the blackberry bush
Chicken coop before
Chicken coop after
Preparing a new border.
After border

The front garden is now finished as well! The plants we planted just have to grow.

I got som Hosta's (Funkia) from a neighbor and they are filling the border nicely. 

Special plants for my bees
The front of the garden is taking shape

The garden is exploding! I cannot keep up with making pictures! We have been only eating salad from the garden. To be hones I did not had much hope for my New Zealand spinach  and that is growing, growing and growing. My daughter will make a spinach, cheese quiche tonight. I feel already hungry! 

I have done so much more … 

I am sure you will read it in another blog. 

So here some pictures from the garden. 

Growing veggies in the back of the garden
Zucchini flower
Kind of vegetable
My herb garden
Pepper Bell plants and spinage
A small pepper bell
Proud of my pepper bell plants
New Zealand spinache

Till next time!




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