It was on Saturday morning when I got out to my bees.

When bees swarm it is often the case (they say) that the bees are “gathering” against the front of the hive and then swarm. Well, I must have very strange bees because suddenly there was a lot of activity and they were swarming right under my nose and I did not had a clue!. I saw a lot of bees coming out of the hive and not so much going in. Did not think much of it. 

I turned my head to the left and OMG! There where all my bees, in the air, swarming. The picture is not a sharp one and I apologize for it. Photography class is on my bucket list. 

Hubby went to the boat and I called him in the excitement that he had to come home, because we had to move the swarm before the found another home! Well our tactic with hanging another hive in front of the original hive did not go well. Next spring, I will come up with another plan and I will catch them right away!

So hubby came home and we cut off the branch. I had already done the preparation (I thought) and put them in the hive. 



Excitement in the Apiary

I need to learn to keep my phone in Landscape. Remind me the next time!

So I shook them into the hive and they settled in very easily. 

I had to disturbe once again, because a second smaller swarm was getting started. 

We made some adjustments to the hive and we put the other swarm together with the previous. 

All went well!

Today I have ordered beefood for them so they can start building for their winter supply.

This morning the temperature dropped to 8 degrees Celius and it is August! 

So I feel it is time!

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