The Joostens

Pieter & Annuska 

Who are we?

We are Pieter and Annuska and we emigrated to Sweden with our two daughters in 2004.

Our daughters have both fled and a new time is dawning.

We are dog lovers, sailing enthusiasts, geocachers and there is so much more that appeals to us.

Pieter has his own company in shipping and Annuska is an Office Manager at a small company and those the administration of Pieter’s company as well.
We have a good mix of free time and work.

At certain moments we have two dogs in the house. Milou, a lovely charcoal Labrador and Freija, a mix breed. 

Freija is normally at our oldest daughter, because Freija is hers but with her work as a sailer Freija spends those times at our place. 

Another love of ours is currently in the harbor and that is Kurr, our Kosterboat.

We have had Kurr for a couple of years now and every year she is getting better. Last year we really sailed with year and we have enjoyed every bit of it!

This year she gets a kind of upgrade again and we try to keep you in the loop about her.
I (Annuska) have since last year (2019) very carefully picked up gardening and really fell in love with plants, flowers and vegetables. I still have a lot to learn.

We are building a blog at the moment, so do not hesitate and follow us on our blog

Pieter & Annuska

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