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Freija came to us when she was about 4 or 5 months and that was in the summer of 2013. She has been grown into a might big dog. She is not ours. Our oldest daughter took her in. 

At first she was not an easy dog to handle and she eventually she came around and is really is a lovely dog. 

Freija wants to be “the only child” in the family and unfortunately for her that is not the case. 

When Milou came into the house it was a bit of an adjustment for Freija and they get along very well. 

Freija is most of women and children and very cautious with men. Perhaps something happened with her when she was a pup. Like I said she is a real doll and maybe a bit on big size and that is what it is. She also likes to run after wildlife and because we have deers around the house that sometimes is kind of a challenge, although when sitting on the veranda and a deer walks in the garden, she could not care less. Very odd!

She also loves to be petted. She always goes for the belly rub. When you pet her she leans in to you and slide against you legs on her back, like saying, please give me a belly rub. 

Freija spends a lot of time with us because our daughter is a sailor.

Freija aan boord van de Kurr
Freija chilling
Freija & Milou
Freija in het bos
Freija houdt de tuin in de gaten
Gekke Freija
Freija op de boot
Freija in het water
Freija close up


We got Milou from the beginning. We picked her up in march 2016 and what a gift she has been!

She was so tiny and she is a lovely dog. She was very quiet. When she was about 4 months we went to the vet, because it is not normal for a puppy to sit on your lap and cuddle. She should play around and being naughty. 

Milou has a sister Molly, and she also lives in our village and it was a huge different between those two!

That was also a sign that something was not right. After a lot of testing we found out that she has Addison disease. Very rare for a puppy to have that. Once we found that out she has been giving tablets, which she things is a treat, she is fine. She is still a mellow dog and something fearful for unknown object. In the beginning she did not like water and that has been better over the years. Swimming is not in her vocabulary, only if the water is over 20 degrees Celius she goes in. In Sweden that is not often. We think that is linked to the Addison disease. She gets cold quickly and like heat. We always laugh about it when she is snuggled up against the stove and covered in a wooden blanket. She loves it!. Milou also her crazy 5 minutes like every dog and gets a crazy look in her eyes. Milou really likes to cuddle. She prefers to sit on your lap and seeks out the best spots on the couch. When Pieter returns from a trip, she wil not leave his site and they sit together in the best place on the couch!

Milou bij het water
Milou aan het snurken
Lekker op de stoel
Lekker slapen
Bij het baasje op schoot
Heerlijk onder een dekentje
Milou in de keuken
Milou buiten
Freija & Milou op het ijs
Hier was Milou nog klein
Bijna in het water. Verder ga ik niet hoor!
Toch wel lekker dat water
In het bos
Gekke Milou
Ik heb het zo koud!
Scooby Doo!
Lieve Milou

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