Jun 16, 2020

My little friends are building like crazy.

They moved in exactly two weeks ago and I must say that I thought not much happened. I just a clump with bees being busy. I do peek every day through the window and I have tried to make good pictures and it is not easy!.

The pictures I took are mostly taken in the evening so the hive is a bit more quiet and it is not much of a different. Well, a photography course is next om my list,because I want my little buddies to be on their best on photographs.

My happiness on Sunday when they presented their own frames was really exciting!!

On other pictures I took you can see them taken in pollen on their back legs. Not a lot but I am not sitting there the whole afternoon staring at them either.

That they build the frames is a good sign.

They already start building on the second box.

So I guess we will be putting on another box on Thursday or Friday.

I have four boxes and we will have to see if that is enough.

Till next time



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