Jun 16, 2020

Building | How my little friend build their hives.


My little friends are building like crazy. 

They moved in exactly two weeks ago and I must say that I thought not much happened. I just a clump with bees being busy. I do peek every day through the window and I have tried to make good pictures and it is not easy!. 

The pictures I took are mostly taken in the evening so the hive is a bit more quiet and it is not much of a different. Well, a photography course is next om my list,  because I want my little buddies to be on their best on photographs. 

My happiness on Sunday when they presented their own frames was really exciting!!

On other pictures I took you can see them taken in pollen on their back legs. Not a lot but I am not sitting there the whole afternoon staring at them either. 

That they build the frames is a good sign. 

They already start building on the second box. 

So I guess we will be putting on another box on Thursday or Friday. 

I have four boxes and we will have to see if that is enough.

On the pictures below you can see how the bees have been busy building in their hive. 

My bees in the beehive



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