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We live on the country side in Sweden and we share with you the life we live. Annuska never has a dull moment and is always full of ideas that Pieter often has to participate in. With gardening, sailing, knitting, weaving, our labrador Milou, work and beekeeping, Annuska is a very busy bee. Pieter cannot sit still either. The garage is his domain. Here he works on all kind of projects, wether or not initiated by Annuska. He is very busy with renovating the boat we have as well. So join us in our adventures. Have fun reading. Read about us on our homepage as well.

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Latest adventure  

My adventure with a badger cub



On Saturday the 27th of March Pieter did his normal evening round and came back through the back yard. The dogs were chasing something and suddenly Pieter heard squeaking. 


The Office

The things I use for sewing



Pieter and I have shared an office for some time now and it did work until he changed jobs. 

Normally he is traveling a lot and in this time with Covid things have changed. 

Traveling is not that easy anymore. 


Puzzle madness #2

The things I use for sewing



As you have read in the last episode of Puzzle Madness we like to puzzle and after “The world of Shakespeare” we took on a bigger project. 

For years we had a puzzle of 9000 pieces and we did started at one point at the puzzle, until we got enough of it and it took up to much space.


Puzzle madness

The things I use for sewing



Wintertime is in our household always the time forJigsaw puzzles and this is no different from the other ones. Our oldest moved back in a couple of weeks ago and took with her a couple of Jigsaw puzzles.



The things I use for sewing



Last friday I went with my daughter to “the big city” to do some shoppings.

I needed some fabric because this week we are sending a box to our daughter in the USA.


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